Saturday, December 3, 2011

December :)

First post for December :)

Eventually, It has come to the end of the year, time passes in a blink of eye. Currently, i had gone through two caroling performances for the Christmas celebration at times Square and One Utama. Tomorrow will be the next performance. It's just an exhilarating experiences. We gathered on the venue of performance, did some warming up, refreshed back the practices we've done and here we go, We are on stage, sharing the joy of Christmas through songs that we sing :) The feeling is just tremendous. The blending of the nervous feeling on stage, the anxiousness of memorizing the wrong lyrics, the cheerful faces that we've showed since the show started til the last song that we sang.. It's tiring but FUN ! This year is my first time to smell the Christmas event blooming since i began my studies. Past years, i were in hometown due to the 2-months-long-awaited-holiday. This year, i would like to try something new. Therefore, I stay. haha .

I will be home this coming 19th. it's in 2 weeks time :) I'm missing everyone.. Sometimes the homesickness feeling could suddenly popped-out so randomly,even while i'm just watching a commercials,movies or else. It's been a while since the last meeting with Mom, Dad and bro.

Last week, I've just had an outing with Debby, my Childhood friend. We've known each other since we're in primary school. Feeling great to do some catches-up with her :) Ironically, it was our first outing since we were here. She's studying at Taylor now. Hope we can arrange another outing again :D

lunch time with Debby :)

First performance at One Utama
After the performance :)
credited to : Ryna

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Quite a special date today, isn't it ? However, nothing special for me today. Still back to the daily routines. It's Sunday and i'm staying whole day long at home, bought some groceries in the afternoon and that's all. What a coincidence, my boy is having his day off today, which is quite rare since he started his internship :D

The schedule for x'mas's choir performances has released early this morning. There will be 7 performances in total, not including the extras :D I'm kinda thrilled when i received the email. The first performance will be next Sunday. I'm excited yet anxious.hmm.. I think I haven't mentioned about the x'mas performances that i joined in my last few posts. Let me share bits, It's a choir performance. However, this performance is kind of special. Not only singing as a group but we are required to do movements too. This really made me recalled back the past few years when i used to joining SCC. It's quite similar, but this time i'm not dance together with children. I'm collaborating with my university friends, some of us are same age but some are older :D We have been starting practicing since the early of November. Til now, i'm still struggling with the lyrics. in each performance, we need to perform 8-10 songs in total. this is what anxious me, 8-10 songs with different movements in each song. GEEZ..
Since I've committed to this job, then it's my responsibility to accomplish it too :) I'm still over excited sometimes \(^.^)/

i can smell x'mas is right in the corner.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

while insomnia attacks..

i prefer to do some writings here rather than keeping it inside my mind.

It's a sudden wake-up tonight, i fell asleep around 11 just now. Now it's 3am, i came out to the living room,turned on my laptop and here i am.

I'm uncertain of what i'm thinking right now.
I want to burst into tears however, i cant.
I want to ask but not dare enough.
I want to let you know what i'm thinking , you won't say anything.
implementing my thoughts in my mind is the best way,perhaps.

Let me share about myself, just a random piece of mind
I don't like to bother people
Sometimes my action will reflect what i'm thinking.
You'll see a random change of myself in a blink of an eye. Just because,my mind is thinking of sth. If a sudden silence happened in me, there's sth happened inside there.
I don't like double-faces person, double personality is even worse.
Pity i am, i'm a typical of hard to put trust in someone.
I keep worrying of someone who will take me for granted.
Sometimes it bothered me,then complicates me into an intricate mind.

You never show me what you've thought of.
Sometimes i need words to clarify the feelings.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

i'm back

I'm back to my blog again after a while. My last post was in August and how the time flies, it's November now. Approaching the end of year, after the Christmas celebration, this year will end and starts off again with another new page. Remaining the past as memories and lesson to learn, Give thanks in everything happened in the past as things just happened for a reason. Human just can plan, God decides :)

Currently, I'm fulfilling my days as a volunteer in UCDC, a kindergarten that affiliates with my University. I'm staying while waiting for my Xmas caroling at the end of November. Since my time are just too much free, i decided to be a helper there. It begins from 9 until 1. There, I'm interacting with children from the age of 3-5, learning various of children's character and how to deal with them. it's just sth that worth to try for those who loves children.

The rest of the time, i do my stuffs :) and ... Life is just good currently. I planned and i work it out :) things are just as simple as that. sometimes i wondered whether i'm just being too positive in everything or how. Well, not to mentioned that i'm not worry at all. But, i just keep my mind to be positive all the time. It's just exhausted to keep worrying things that actually didn't happen at all, Since you have done your best nothing to be worried of.

I have something bothered me lately too.. It's seems like i love to exaggerate things sometimes. well, it happened not even once but frequent,perhaps. I don't like LIES :( really, i detest lies profoundly. If i have to think it positively, then maybe you don't want me to over thinking sth that didn't exist. But, i'm not such positive anyway, IF nothing happened, why the lies came out? preventing another problems to happen ?

I'm just wondering, when you are going to let me know the truth. It's deeply heartbreaking if I found it out myself. I just wish you to know..

Friday, August 5, 2011

it's choir time ;)

Choir's concert on 4th August 2011 <3
Semester 6th Choir :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

my daily :)

It has been a while since the last post, sorry for delaying :)
I would like to share some thoughts today, not really crucial issues though.
Currently,i'm passing days by days like usual. Perhaps the event hold by Indonesian Club of my campus (Bhinneka) might be the event that caught everyone's eye for this month. It was held by the committee from 2011-2012 period. I took part of it too anyway:)

I had just been through a devastating illness last week.well, This was due to my monthly period pain. I just felt it keeps aggravating each month. Recalled to the illness that time, I felt like i was at my weakest point every time my health seemed to deteriorate over and over again. I detest that feeling profoundly, mentally and physically. However,Thanks God I've recovered from such hazy disease two days afterwards.

Regarding to my daily activities, the end of semester is merely on the verge of the door. Yes, the end of semester is yet to come :( That means, another hectic week is approaching, finals,papers submission,presentation etc everything is approaching its deadline.
hopefully i can do well in each subject
hopefully the application will be accepted
hopefully my body wont collapse easily
hopefully everything goes smoothly :)
happy 6 months anniv <3

Saturday, June 4, 2011


" Welcome to adulthood , you're turning 20 :) " that's one pm that i read through my BB's contact this morning .
Had a warm surprise from my beloved Indo gang here last night . My big gratitude to all of you who are willing to put efforts on it to make it real . Special thanks to my boy , thank you dear . I know you've been rushing back and forth , though things didn't go as what you've planned . The efforts that you put on it that count :) like a quote from Julian " human just can make plans , God decides everything ". Glad to have you by my side to share the bliss of having the birthday celebration here * hug*

Stella ,Yoyol,Frans,Julian,Bokep,Danil, Amira,Venna ,Bas , Thank you for celebrating my birthday this year . Thank you for making my birthday much more colorful , neglect all the unpleasant thingy . Everything won't be the same without the presence of you guys :)

warmth greeting from my miles away peers too , Blacklisters :) big thank you for you all . Just realized it has been years , since the last time celebrated my birthday . Years and years passed by , glad that we're still keep in touch . missing you guys badly * BIG HUG*

Winnie ,Ms.Shirley,Jebud thanks for the greetings last week . You guys had the privilege to be my first birthday greeter . Thanks a lot ! it has been years since the last time we celebrated birthday together , missing those days much .. xoxo :D maybe years ahead we should grab a time to celebrate it together .